1) Migration of saints to Italy

In the coming months several families will migrate to Italy. Please pray that they will receive much

supply from the Lord in taking care of all the practical matters for His further move and the shining

testimony in Italy.

2) Campus work in the two major university cities in Sweden

Please pray

For the release of the apartment by the outgate of the KTH University for the starting of the

campus work in Stockholm

For the student contacts to come into the church life in Uppsala

3) The upcoming seminars on “Christ versus Religion” in the northwest of England (on 26

March in Preston, on 2 April in Liverpool, and on 9 April in Manchester)

Please pray that:

 The Lord will have a way to sow the seeds in each city and that the trainees and many of the

saints from all over the UK will rise up to participate

There will be no hindrance to the distribution of seminar flyers and gospel tracts in each of the


4) First Lord’s table in Coventry and Southampton, England—27 March

Pray for a strong beginning of the church life in these cities, with the support from all the churches

in the UK.

5) Release of visa for brother working in bookstore in central London

Pray for the timely issue of a UK visa for a brother whose labor at the bookstore in central London is


6) Follow-up of Rhema contacts in Europe

7) The raising up of the Lord’s testimony in Oslo, Norway; Lisbon, Portugal; Krakow, Poland;

Budapest, Hungary; Vienna, Austria; Rome, Italy; Sofia, Bulgaria, and other major cities in


Burdens related to Israel

To receive prayer requests for Israel, please write to isra_news@yahoo.com and ask the brothers to

add you to the mailing list. Please include your name and locality.