Praise the Lord for His mercy and love to the church in Seberang Perai Hall 1 at Bukit Mertajam!

The doors of the heavens are open when new fruits are added to the Body of Christ on earth. Hallelujah! The Lord is the harvester and He triumphs over all things.

On Dec 19th, after the Lord's Table meeting , we had the honour to co-ordinate with the Lord in His heavenly ministry in removing idols from a sister's house in Kulim.

Her whole family was baptised & gained by the Lord while in Singapore where their 2 daughters reside. Their 2 daughters have already believed in the Lord earlier while the parents and one brother just got baptised recently.

Their immediate response to reject Satan and put him under their feet soon after their recent baptism is a testimony for the Lord and the Church.

There were altogether 4 saints from BM who went to their home to help to remove the idols. It was such joy to see one of our brothers hammering & breaking the dumb idols into pieces and putting the rest into flames!

Praise the Lord! This house is sanctified for Him & their mother declares that  her home is now open for home meetings to all  brothers and sisters in the church in Seberang Perai .

sis Lim