The Church In Seberang Prai

Nibong Tebal First Lord's Table Meeting on 30th of October, 2011.  Hallelujah!!!!!! 

Hall 3 Home meeting... 

Children's Blending dated 17th of August, 2011

Gospel Meeting dated 4th of June, 2011 

Gospel4Jun11final.ppt Gospel4Jun11final.ppt
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Gospel Meeting slides for your reference, especially for those brothers and sisters who could not make it to the meeting.

Videos and photos of Korean saints' visit  (May 6 to May 8, 2011.)


 Sisters from Korea with local saints. (Lord's Day 8-May-2011)


We have 3-way translations in Lord's Table meeting, namely Korean, English and Mandarin.


Brothers from Korea with local saints. (Lord's Day 8-May-2011)

 A happy and blessed big family of God (8-May-11)

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